The author of all the books is Nina Roodt. Nina is a qualified teacher and has worked as a professional teacher for over 35 years. During that time she has taught in numerous schools and currently owns her own successful nursery school in Benoni. She trains teachers on the weekends and has written books for these teachers.

Her Remedial expertise enables her to have a clear picture of what young children need in order to learn.

Nina has followed all the trends over the years, but finds Back-to-Basics works best. All Learning should be through Play, which is compliant with the new curriculum. Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement - C.A.P.S. is evident in all her books.

Her motto is: Bright Start - Bright Future. All her books are easy to photocopy and there is a picture to colour in. Very often, there are hidden items and challenges in her worksheets. Explanations are given on how the books should be used for greatest effect. The books can be used in class and filed, or as homework. Her books can be used as Remedial exercises for children who are not finding learning easy.

Occupational Therapists, Au Pairs, Remedial Teachers, Students and Qualified Teachers have bought her books. Parents also buy them to extend their children.

Her stories are Edu-Stories which give explanations that other stories do not. Her stories make learning fun!